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Cal-Sierra Pipe, LLC. has been providing high quality products to the well drilling, agriculture, irrigation, construction and fabrication industries since 1962. Cal-Sierra has been a large on hand inventory at our 7 acre facility and other convenient storage sites. We house over 3,500 tons of steel casing, well screen, perforated and standard line pipes. Cal-Sierra pipe has one of the largest combined inventories of well casing, well screen and perforated pipe in the western United States.


STEEL PIPE & CASING: Cal-Sierra’s core pipe offering is welded steel pipe. Pipe can be bare steel, galvanized, or lined and coated per specifications. Cal-Sierra stocks standard diameters of ½” to 48”, with wall thicknesses of up to ½” and standard lengths of 10’, 20’, 21’, and 40’. Larger sizes and heavier wall thicknesses are available upon request.


CORRUGATED PLASTIC OR GALVANIZED CMP: Cal-Sierra’s corrugated pipes are available in HDPE, and Galvanized CMP, with PVC available if required. Corrugated pipe can be utilized for culverts, storm sewers, detention, retention, or for general drainage applications. Standard stocking sizes range from 6”-48” with larger sizes available if required. Standard lengths are 20’. Fittings are available on all sizes as needed.


PERFORATED PIPE: Perforated and screen pipe are used for water-well casing applications. Standard diameters range from 6” to 20” and lengths 20’ to 40’.


LINED & COATED PIPE: Lined and coated pipe (large diameter) are utilized in high-pressure municipal applications. These products are typically used by water utilities and public agencies. Cal-Sierra provides standard diameters ranging from 6” to 108”. Lining and coatings are available to meet any specifications.


GAUGE PIPE: Gauge pipe has numerous applications due to its lightweight characteristics. Cal-Sierra stocks IPS and OD size gauge pipe, primarily used in agriculture applications including farm implements and drip irrigation. Standard sizes range from 4” to 24”.


ROLLED & WELDED CARBON STEEL PIPE: Rolled steel plates, welded at the seam.


STAINLESS STEEL PIPE: Chromium content in stainless steel alloys is what generally prevents corrosion. Special order materials are available on request.


GEOTEXTILE FABRICS: Proven solution for a wide variety of civil and environmental challenges. Fabrics have the ability to be used for filtering, stabilizing, separation, or drainage. Cal-Sierra stocks a wide range of fabric for immediate delivery.

CANAL & FLAP GATES: Cal-Sierra stocks a wide range of canal gates, flap gates, slide gates, and in line gates. Special order gates available if required including aluminum and stainless steel.


WELL SCREEN: Mesh screening or holes designed to allow water to enter a well or borehole.


WELD COLLARS: Steel coupling with positioning holes used to weld steel pipe together.


DRIVE SHOES: A sharp edge steel sleeve attached to the bottom of a drive pipe or casing to act as a cutting edge protector.


DRESSER COUPLERS: Mechanical compression joint principle, to provide a stress relieving, flexible, leak resistant joint. These are available for practically any size pipe.


FLANGES: Cal-Sierra stocks Class D and irrigation steel flanges in 125# and 150# pressure ratings, to be used when connecting similar size pipes.


PIPE FITTINGS: Fittings are available for steel pipe, galvanized CMP, and plastic corrugated.


JOHNSON WATER WELL CHEMICALS: Provides chemical cleaning, disinfection, and decontamination of water wells.


EPOXY SEALANTS: Stable, tough, and resistant to corrosive chemicals, epoxies are excellent adhesives and useful surface coatings.