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Cal-Sierra Pipe, LLC. was originally founded near the end of World War II, under the company name of Barry Pipe and Equipment, which was a provider of steel pipe and military surplus equipment. Barry Pipe and Equipment was originally located at the intersection of Waterloo and Cherokee Roads in Stockton, California.

In 1962, Frank Gorham acquired Barry Pipe and Equipment and changed the name to Cal-Sierra Pipe. A key milestone occurred following the acquisition, as Frank Gorham discontinued the military surplus equipment operation and expanded the steel pipe segment of the business. Cal-Sierra Pipe started with a pickup truck and trailer delivering the materials to our customers. The Company moved to its’ current location at Highway 99 and Mariposa Road in Stockton in 1964 to better serve our customers and facilitate the expansion of the Company’s services and its inventory of products.

In 1982, Larry Gorham purchased the business from his father. Under Larry’s tenure, the Company has experienced significant growth with a strong emphasis on availability of inventory and an unparalleled commitment to quick and reliable delivery of the highest quality pipe, valves and fittings. Over the past 50 years, the Company has become a major supplier of Northern and Central California’s steel and other engineering materials for water and drainage infrastructure applications.

Larry has been planning for an orderly and successful transition as he is in the process of planning for a time in his life when he and his wife can be more available to their grand children and to travel. In searching for a company leader it was important for Larry to identify a professional who understood the importance of the history of the company and each of its valuable customers.

Steve Dunn was identified and joined the Company as President and a partner in 2011. Steve is the son of Phil Dunn, who had owned DSS Company (now known as Knife River Construction), a successful general engineering construction company in the Stockton area for over 25 years. Larry has known the Dunn family for over 30 years.

Steve is dedicated to Stockton and its success having been born and raised in Stockton. Steve attended USC with a degree in Business Administration. He has worked in the general engineering construction business for over 20 years. He lives in Stockton with his wife Tricia and their 2 children. The Cal-Sierra name and reputation for service to its customers will continue under the excellent long term employees at Cal-Sierra Pipe, along with Steve’s leadership and Larry’s guidance.

Cal-Sierra Pipe takes pride in being the supplier of choice, through our reputation for consistent quality, quick delivery and a commitment to service, whether we are shipping locally in the Central Valley or Bay Area, or to our customers in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada or Oregon.